Google Analytics

By far, Google Analytics is the most popular web analytics tool in the market, and majority of websites already installed it. It is one of the most sophistiticated tools for measuring online presence, however in most cases, it is not being fully utilized.

We provide tailored Google Analytics consulting, coaching and training to online businesses, Internet marketers, SEO and SEM experts, web designers and web optimizers, technology experts, managers, entrepreneurs, students and Web analytics professionals.

Training might be varied based on the level of attendees and needs, however it generally covers the following topics:

  • Basic Analytics Concepts
  • Set-up and Installation
  • Understanding Reports
  • Web Data Analysis using Custom Segments
  • Visitor and Traffic Data Analysis
  • Online Marketing Campaign Setup and Analysis
  • E-Commerce Setup and Analysis
  • Goals and Funnel Setup and Analysis
  • Site and Content Performance Analysis
  • Google Specific Techniques

Our programs are being provided onsite and offsite in class based, one to one, and webinar format. Class based training are being provided in Vancouver, Canada at the moment. Check out calendar of events for upcoming workshops and webinars here.

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