Piwik Study

Piwik is an open source Analytics tool, and as oppsed to SaaS model like Googla Anlytics, it needs self hosting. Piwik community like to think of it as an alternative for Google Analytics.

Well, at the first glance it sounds exciting to host an Analytics tool, to own data and tweak the tool as required, however there are multiple concerns when it comes to hosting a tool for collecting analytics data.

These are the major concerns I can come up with:

1. Traffic

2. Data Size and Storage

3. Security

4. Performance


So I decided to give it a try and host it for one of my websites to study the tool and get more familiar with its pros and cons.

The project wil begin on Tuesday Nov 29th and planned for four weeks. At the end of this period, I will have answer or ideas for the concerns above.

Stay tuned for update!


Piwik official website: http://piwik.org/

on Twitter: @piwik



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