Who Clicked on My Website Links?

I had a conversation with a friend few weeks ago. He has recently realized that I am his “Analytics BFF” and asks me quiet a number of questions, and to be honest with you I like it cause I learn a lot about average person’s view on analytics by that. Anyway, he was wondering where to see link clicks report in Google Anlaytics. Don’t blame him, he is very new to this stuff, but enthusiastic. It is important to know that a default setup and installation of Google Analytics only collects page load data. There is no such a thing like click tracking if you simply copied...

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Marketing Campaign Tracking with Google Analytics

Marketers always need to know the performance of marketing channels and cost of acquisition, that’s where campaign tracking comes to play. Almost all analytics tools let you track campaigns, and more or less use the same method for that purpose. Before we go further, let me note that Google Analytics allows you to track AdWords and non AdWords campaign, while this post will only be focused on non AdWords campaign tracking, I have added a few other sources at the end which covers both. To track a campaign, Google Analytics uses a technique called link tagging. In this method, before posting...

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Creating Custom Segments in Google Analytics

When it comes to data analysis, segmentation is the most powerful technique to get deeper insights out of your website data. There are multiple predefined segments in Google Analytics, which are helpful in many cases, however in most cases you need to create to your own segment. To create a custom segment, click on Advanced Segment pull down on Google Analytics dashboard and press “New Custom Segment” button. By doing so, you will get the following screen. Here you can add combination of logical statements to define a segment. Note that AND statements need to be all true to get the result,...

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