What’s in Web Analytics for your business?

The answer is simple, if you have an online presence, it gives you insights about how it is doing, simply by details like who is coming to visit it, how long they stay and where they go. In a nutshell, how effective your most powerful marketing machine works.

If your are not running any online business, it can be still helpful for you by giving you stats about competitions,  demands, cost of doing business, risks, and opportunities to find new markets.

But for using Analytics tools, you need to know what are the major goals of your website(s) and how they are aligned with your business objectives. Then identify a bunch of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure your goals, oh and the expected results, that I’d like to name them targets.

As an example, for an e-store, the conversion rate is a key measure. E-Stores like to see fairly shorter stay on a product page, and effective shopping card access. So one KPI can be “time on site” and the other ones I can think of is “conversion rate” and “number of tries”.

I’ve seen businesses that are using their websites as an online brochure, or businesses that spend millions of dollars on their websites, yet they have no simple insight of how their investment is helping their business. There are case that a small business with one or two employees beats them in number of visitors per month, and I don’t understand what the ROI means to them.

Web Analytics is not complicated but needs continuous attention and investment, either in the form of time or money, but the return, if it is being done correctly, can be a matter of life or death of an online business .

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