Hey Corporations, Believe in Power of Analytics!

Couple of days ago I got an email from a recruiter in Montreal, which says they are looking for a Web Analytics Consultant for one of their clients in Burnaby area. Looks cool, yeah? A head hunter! found me and valued my talent and skills, isn’t it a great feeling?

So I gave the guy a call the day after to discuss their needs. The voice on the other side sounds very formal, are they all this serious in Montreal? Anyway, we talked very shortly and he suggested me to send my resume, and he hurriedly gave me an hourly rate that shocked me. First I thought I heard it wrong, so I asked, and he repeated it. What a shame!

I am not a greedy person, in fact all my friends and ex-colleagues believe that I am very fair in most circumstances, but what I’ve heard really froze me. Is this how businesses treat a Web Analytics Consultant?

You can go to one of these schools or colleges and get a certificate in a year, and become a database, .net or java developer. By that there is a chance to get a job within the range of $25 to $35 in a BC based company, depends on your technical and negotiation skills. However becoming a Web Analyst is not just a matter of certificates or some courses at school. You can’t pass a course and come out of it as an Analyst.

A Web Analyst needs to have diverse knowledge and skills, within a wide range of technical, human relation and interaction, and business, and this will be acquired over long time of experience, it’s an evolutionary path. A Web Analyst should have an absolutely clear understanding and hands on experience of web technologies, be able to write codes, dealing with data, visualizing techniques, in addition to unclouded business understanding and its core values, all of those blah blahs that techies hate to deal with.

So tell me, how many people around you have this capability? I doubt you can point to more than fingers in one hand. The world is in a shortage of Web Analytics experts, trust me, I know that, I am one of them!

A multimillion dollar company with various line of businesses, and a seven figures revenue, is looking for a consultant who should have all the major business skills in the world, at least the ones that help them generate more revenue and they even don’t want to value that.

One clear message I am getting from all of this is that they don’t know how a Web Analyst can help them. It is very possible that they are looking for a person to install a tool, configure it and leave, oh, it was a contract actually.

Maybe they never had a good Analyst who shows the value of an actionable analysis, I am talking about the moment that stakeholders watch the numbers grow, lines spike in charts, and money flows in, by simply doing analytics right, not just blindly spending money on a trial and error ads or campaigns.

I definitely won’t work for such an employer who still thinks of Analytics as an assignment not the eyes of business. They have no idea what this powerful tool can bring in for them, and it will be a continuous negative challenge for whoever gets the job to get buy in.

We need to believe in power of Analytics, I am a believer, and hoping to bring you onboard. Sooner or later, every businesses on earth implements some sort of analytics, or they simply disappear, like they’ve never been here before.


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